Personal Protective Equipment Tips

safety consultant columbus ohIn the construction and manufacturing industries, personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical for keeping your team safe while working on the job site. Although protective gear is just one aspect that helps prevent injuries while working, understanding the important safety items that are included in PPE can help enhance the overall safety of your company. Below we list safety items that workers should wear at all times while working on the construction site.

  • Steel Toe Boots

Choosing the correct footwear for the job is important to enhance overall safety. Steel toe boots offer added protection against falling equipment and tools. It is also important to wear slip-resistant boots to protect workers from falling.

  • High Visibility Vest

Wearing a bright orange vest is critical to increasing your visibility while on the job site. It is vital for other employees working heavy machinery to be able to see you at all times.

  • Head Protection

Hard hats protect employees from falling objects to help prevent a critical head injury. It is recommended to wear a hard hat at all times since job sites are constantly changing.

  • Task-Specific Gloves

Protecting your hands and improving your grip is vital with task-specific gloves.

  • Safety Glasses

It is important to wear safety glasses at all times while on the job to protect your eyes from flying particles, chemicals, and other hazardous items.

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