3 Reasons Why Accidents Happen at the End of the Year

As the end of the year swiftly approaches, you want your employees to enjoy their time off with their families. However, your business might be at risk for accidents as the New Year approaches. Find out three reasons below why accidents tend to happen at the end of the year.

Slow Time of Year

Depending on your type of commercial business, the end of the year is probably a slow time of the year for your company. During this time, employees tend to be relaxed and less alert, which can lead to more accidents in the workplace.

Not Paying Attention

Your employees are ready for their time off for the upcoming holidays, and they are distracted by everything that needs to be completed before the holidays arrive. Even though this is an exciting time of year, it is vital that everyone remains focused while on the job.

More Responsibilities

When employees are taking off for the holidays, it can leave the ones that are left working with additional responsibilities that they are not used to handling. Whether they are comfortable with the new tasks or not, it can lead to additional accidents.

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Why a High Visibility Vest Is Essential on the Job

While working in the construction and manufacturing industry, many standards and regulations are required by OSHA in Columbus, OH. Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) on the job is vital to the safety of your employees and company. Below we discuss why wearing a bright orange high visibility vest is essential while working on the job-site.

  • High visibility vests easily differentiate your employees from the crowd. When your job-site is located in busy areas that allow civilians, it is vital to be able to identify your team by wearing brightly colored vests.
  • Safety vests are important to your uniform because they increase your visibility during night projects and along high traffic areas. Reflective vests are vital because they are easily seen by oncoming traffic and other workers who are handling equipment.
  • Safety vests are required on the job site because they lower the company‚Äôs liability. When workers comply with the standards and regulations of OSHA, the number of accidents on the site decrease. Safety vests help keep the employees safe which ultimately protects the overall success of the company.

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Benefits to Working with a Safety Consultant

Stephen B. Ogle & Associates, Inc. understands that workplace safety is an integral part of the overall success of your company. By ensuring you are compliant with OSHA standards, you are not only demonstrating your social responsibility as a company, but you are ensuring you are dedicated to protecting your employees. Below we offer the many benefits to working with a safety consultant in Columbus, OH.

  • As a business owner, you are most likely consumed with the day to day operations and responsibilities, which is why we recommend outsourcing your safety management to a dedicated safety consultant. Our company specializes in handling OSHA 1926 and 1910 standards for construction and general industries, to ensure you understand what is needed from your end to ensure proper compliance.
  • OSHA helps raise safety awareness in the workplace to help prevent future accidents. Our company is dedicated to helping you enhance your safety standards to reduce occupational injuries and illness rates.
  • Investing in a safety consultant can ultimately improve your overall bottom line. When you are compliant with OSHA standards, you will experience fewer insurance claims and lawsuits.

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Safety Tips for Occupational Noise Exposure in Construction

workplace safety consultants akron ohAt Stephen B. Ogle & Associates, Inc., your dedicated workplace safety consultants in Akron, OH, we strive to educate our clients on helpful tips to protect their employees while on the job site. Exposure to loud noises and high levels of sounds are very common on construction sites, which is why it is important to take proper safety precautions to help eliminate the concern of permanent hearing loss.

Loud noises on the job site can lead to workplace accidents by making it hard for other workers to not hear safety warnings. Hearing loss can also affect your communication skills among others in the workplace, causing concern for the ability to get your job done correctly. Below we offer a few simple safety tips for occupational noise exposure in the construction industry.

  • Utilize prefabricated noise barriers.
  • Rent and purchase equipment that has low levels of noise.
  • Limit the hours your employees work with loud equipment.
  • Hang visible signs in high noise areas to warn your employees.
  • Always wear proper hearing protection to help reduce harm from loud noises.

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Personal Protective Equipment Tips

safety consultant columbus ohIn the construction and manufacturing industries, personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical for keeping your team safe while working on the job site. Although protective gear is just one aspect that helps prevent injuries while working, understanding the important safety items that are included in PPE can help enhance the overall safety of your company. Below we list safety items that workers should wear at all times while working on the construction site.

  • Steel Toe Boots

Choosing the correct footwear for the job is important to enhance overall safety. Steel toe boots offer added protection against falling equipment and tools. It is also important to wear slip-resistant boots to protect workers from falling.

  • High Visibility Vest

Wearing a bright orange vest is critical to increasing your visibility while on the job site. It is vital for other employees working heavy machinery to be able to see you at all times.

  • Head Protection

Hard hats protect employees from falling objects to help prevent a critical head injury. It is recommended to wear a hard hat at all times since job sites are constantly changing.

  • Task-Specific Gloves

Protecting your hands and improving your grip is vital with task-specific gloves.

  • Safety Glasses

It is important to wear safety glasses at all times while on the job to protect your eyes from flying particles, chemicals, and other hazardous items.

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Welcome to Stephen B. Ogle & Associates Inc. Blog

safety consultant columbus ohWelcome to Stephen B. Ogle & Associates Inc. Blog! We strive to help companies achieve maximum safety compliance with OSHA in the construction and manufacturing industries. As your dedicated safety consultant in Columbus, OH, it is our mission to continuously improve and educate our clients to ensure OSHA standards are engaged, workplace safety is prominent, and maximum profitability is being met. Below we feature many of the services that we offer.

  • On-Site Safety Inspection

We offer comprehensive safety compliance auditing and onsite construction audits to ensure your workplace is meeting standards. After our inspections, we provide a detailed itemized report for you to review and consider.

  • OSHA Guidance

We strive to help our clients meet all OSHA standards to ensure your place of work is a safe and healthy environment at all times.

  • OSHA Record Keeping & Program Evaluation

Our safety consultants will help your company ensure they are keeping comprehensive records that meet OSHA compliance standards.

  • Safety Training & Programs

We specialize in OSHA 1926 and 1910 safety training and programs for construction and general industries.

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