About Our Construction Safety in Columbus, OH

Stephen B. Ogle & Associates, Inc. is committed to providing clients with highly effective professional health and OSHA safety training in Akron, OH. Our company offers comprehensive education courses, auditing, and consulting services at a competitive price. In conjunction with our customers’ goals, we continually strive to improve our services to assist them in achieving maximum safety compliance and maximum profitability. Customer satisfaction is the foundation for our existence and continued success. Our extensive list of services allows us to help you achieve optimal construction safety in Columbus, OH, while on the job-site and in the workplace.

No matter what your academic or industrial background, it is very difficult to understand all the facets involved in an OSHA inspection. Due to our years of experience, extensive training, and in-depth knowledge in the industry, we are able to have the same mindset as an OHSA inspector. And this works for your benefit!

The inspectors at our safety consulting firm have been thoroughly trained in the field by our founder to identify potential violations in both general industry and construction. Due to this unique instruction and more than 150 years of combined experience, our inspectors are able to work alongside OSHA during an inspection or investigation.

In addition to identifying potential OSHA violations in your workplace or site, we work with you to provide a safer environment for your employees. By offering private safety consulting services in Caldwell, OH, we help your supervisors know what to expect in the event OSHA should visit your facility.

Our Story

Stephen B. Ogle, owner of Stephen B. Ogle & Associates, Inc., an independent safety consulting firm, draws his expertise from many years of experience. Following several years as safety manager of B & N Coal Company in Dexter City, OH, Ogle formed the Compliance Consultants, an oil field safety service. The primary focus was to conduct periodic inspections of drilling equipment and facilities, as well as provide detailed reports to clients and consulting with the client supervisory personnel. In addition to inspections, the company also assisted in training employees in job safety in regards to the oil and gas industry.

When oil field activity in the area suffered a downturn in the 70s, he became an OSHA Compliance Officer, assigned to the Columbus, OH, office. In this capacity, Ogle performed a variety of inspections in general industry and construction, such inspections arising from accidents and fatalities, employee complaints, and general scheduling. Ogle also dealt extensively with interpretations of the OSHA Field Operations Manual, the OSHA “Bible,” which establishes OSHA policy on federal regulations.

In 1987, he left OSHA to launch Stephen B. Ogle & Associates, Inc. with clients that cover a full range of construction and manufacturing companies located in a number of states and U.S. territories. We pride ourselves on our hands-on and nuts-and-bolts approach to safety and compliance.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and company, contact our safety consultant in Columbus, OH, today at (855) 260-3043 to schedule a free consultation. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our OSHA services and safety inspections. We proudly serve companies in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.