3 Reasons Why Accidents Happen at the End of the Year

As the end of the year swiftly approaches, you want your employees to enjoy their time off with their families. However, your business might be at risk for accidents as the New Year approaches. Find out three reasons below why accidents tend to happen at the end of the year.

Slow Time of Year

Depending on your type of commercial business, the end of the year is probably a slow time of the year for your company. During this time, employees tend to be relaxed and less alert, which can lead to more accidents in the workplace.

Not Paying Attention

Your employees are ready for their time off for the upcoming holidays, and they are distracted by everything that needs to be completed before the holidays arrive. Even though this is an exciting time of year, it is vital that everyone remains focused while on the job.

More Responsibilities

When employees are taking off for the holidays, it can leave the ones that are left working with additional responsibilities that they are not used to handling. Whether they are comfortable with the new tasks or not, it can lead to additional accidents.

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